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College Database

Please consider being a resource for our current juniors and seniors by becoming part of our district's collegiate database. Due to social distancing, colleges have closed and cancelled their events so juniors are unable to visit colleges this spring, an important part of the college research process. Our current seniors are also unable to visit, an important part of making the final decision in where they will deposit and attend. While many colleges are delaying their deposit dates, time is of the essence for our seniors. Simply Fill in the form with contact information, your college or university, degree and major, and any other pertinent information so students may contact you for your perspective.

In order to receive contact information from the collegiate database, students must fill out this form and return to your counselor. Collegiate Database Waiver November 2019 FINAL.pdf ) 

Advanced Placement

Students go to for updates on AP exam schedule and important information about taking exams.

If a student is 100% certain they do not want to take the AP exam, log in to your TR account using this link and request to cancel. There is no penalty and you will receive a full refund minus a $4 processing fee.

Please refer to our current curriculum guide for our Advanced Placement course offerings. These courses are college level with the potential to earn college credit upon the successful completion of coursework and AP exam results, and depending on the college's policy. Students must meet requirements in order to be eligible to take these courses which are detailed in our curriculum guide. ALL STUDENTS TAKING AN AP COURSE ARE REQUIRED TO TAKE THE AP EXAM, OTHERWISE THE WEIGHT AND AP DESIGNATION WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE TRANSCRIPT. Cost for each AP exam is $99. AP Seminar and AP Research cost is $145. See your counselor if you believe you may be eligible for a fee waiver. 

Students who need to access scores and/or send scores to colleges: LOG ON to

ALUMNI Transcript Request:

To request a transcript once you've graduated PHS, you must fill out our transcript request form

and submit to our office along with a copy of your photo identification.

The form can be found and downloaded from the forms box on this page.

We cannot release transcripts without written permission from the alumni, and only the alumni due to FERPA.

New York State Seal of Biliteracy

The New York State Seal of Biliteracy (NYSSB) recognizes high school graduates who have attained a high level of proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in one or more languages, in addition to English.  The intent of the NYSSB is to encourage the study of languages; identify high school graduates with language and biliteracy skills for employers; provide universities with additional information about applicants seeking admission; prepare students with twenty-first century skills; recognize the value of foreign and native language instruction in schools; and affirm the value of diversity in a multilingual society. See your counselor for more information!