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Pamela Hildenbrand, M.S.                                       Lisa Casale-Seaman, M.S. M.S. Ed.                                           Susan Morgan

NYSED Certified School Counselor                         NYSED Certified School Counselor                                            Senior Typist

Class of 2021 N-Z                                                       Class of 2021 A-M                                                             

Class of 2022 and beyond L-Z                                 Class of 2022 and beyond A-K                                                    845 855-4615                            

Appointment Request                                               Appointment Request                                                           

College Database

Please consider being a resource for our current juniors and seniors by becoming part of our district's collegiate database. Due to social distancing, colleges have closed and cancelled their events so juniors are unable to visit colleges this spring, an important part of the college research process. Our current seniors are also unable to visit, an important part of making the final decision in where they will deposit and attend. While many colleges are delaying their deposit dates, time is of the essence for our seniors. Simply Fill in the form with contact information, your college or university, degree and major, and any other pertinent information so students may contact you for your perspective.

In order to receive contact information from the collegiate database, students must fill out this form and return to your counselor. Collegiate Database Waiver November 2019 FINAL.pdf )