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  • Helen Callan, Principal
  • Tamara Barbour, Dean of Students & Athletic Director
  • High School Main Office: 845-855-4620
  • Fax: 845-855-2029
  • School day begins: 7:45 a.m.
  • School dismissal: 2:28 p.m.


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    Managing School Notifications

    Pawling CSD uses the SchoolMessenger callout service to contact you about emergencies, school closings, and early dismissals, as well as to remind you about school activities and important dates. As we look to reduce the paper we send home, we will be increasingly using SchoolMessenger to email forms and pertinent school and district information.

    SchoolMessenger has recently upgraded their system and it will now be even easier for parents and guardians to set their notification preferences and to add additional contact information to the system. 

    How do I sign up for the SchoolMessenger App?

    You must have a valid email address and it must be listed in SchoolTool. If you have a SchoolTool (Parent) Portal account, you will use your Parent Portal email address. 

    Go to and click the SIGN UP Button on the top of the page, or Download the SchoolMessenger App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Market.

    Enter your email address and create a password. An email will be sent to that address with a secure token.

    Note: If you receive an “already claimed by another user account” error message that means you’ve already created a SchoolMessenger account via another SchoolMessenger product, such as Contact Manager. Simply follow the “Return to login” link and login. Use the “Forgot your password” link if needed.

    1. After authenticating via your email, return to SchoolMessenger and sign in using your email and password.
    2. Once you've created your account, we'll automatically link the records associated with your email address.
    3. If you do not see all of your contacts click “Is someone still missing”.

    1. On the next screen enter a phone number that your district has on file and select a verification method.


    When you first sign in to the SchoolMessenger App you will receive the following prompt for any phones you have in the system.

    You can then:

    • View the records associated with your account - student, staff, and/or parent records.
    • Review the last 30 days+’ worth of messages for all your associated records.
    • View your contact information

    To configure how you would like to receive notifications click the Preferences link in the dropdown menu at the upper right of your screen (if you do not see the Preferences link please log out and log back in again).

    Is SchoolMessenger secure?

    The sign-up process creates a secure link between the user and SchoolMessenger. SchoolMessenger operates with the latest encryption technology to protect access to stored information. SchoolMessenger is also a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge, which requires us to adhere to 12 stringent data protection standards as a further assurance of our commitment to protecting your data.

    What else do I need to know?

    Device (Push) Notifications will trigger a badge or alert when you receive new communications from your school or district. You can choose to receive Device Notifications in addition to, or instead of, the phone calls, emails, and text messages you normally receive.


    IMPORTANT – SMS text messages!

    To receive text message you must check the Send Text button for each cell phone in the App. If you receive a message similar to the following:

    “Please OPTIN to receive TXT alerts from PawlingCSD Rply OPTIN 2 register, STOP 2 OPTOUT Msg&Data Rates May Apply”
    You must reply with “OPTIN” or “yes” to receive text messages from the district.


    For more information be sure to visit the

    SchoolMessenger App Help section.


    To learn more about the app and its capabilities, watch the video for parents


    Pawling Central School District
  • The 2019 Dutchess County Youth Survey

    November 21, 2019

    The 2019 Dutchess County Youth Survey

    Every two years, in partnership with the Council on Addiction Prevention and Education of Dutchess County, public school districts in Dutchess County voluntarily participate in a youth survey. This survey, under the umbrella of CAPE's prevention services, has been developed in tandem with Eve Walter, PhD, Eden Research and Evaluation. CAPE is licensed by the NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services and is a contract agency of Dutchess County. Student participation in the survey is voluntarily and anonymous. The survey is completed online and administered through the schools. The instrument seeks to gain information about the risks that students face in their worlds and the protective factors that surround them as they travel through adolescence and young adulthood. This information guides the county in its youth services planning and affords the school districts with important information as they seek to continue to meet the changing social and emotional needs of their students.

    Pawling Central School District
  • Two earn All State Honors

    Two runners earned All State Honors with their rankings at the State Championship meet in Nobvember.  Noah Brightman medaled  placing 14th and  Alex Petruso placed 26th. 

    Pawling Central School District
  • CAPE Classes scheduled for spring

    If you want your child to be able to drive to school in 2020-2021,you and your child must attend this event. Please see the attached schedule for dates, times and locations.

    Pawling Central School District
  • Contribute to the College Database

    You can contribute to a Pawling High School student’s college search process by being part of the District’s Collegiate Database.  Provide contact information, your college or university, degree and major. A Pawling High School student may contact you for your perspective. Add your information.

    Pawling Central School District
  • October Newsletter

    Read the October newsletter  here.

    Pawling Central School District
  • 2020 Yearbook Sale!

    2020 YEARBOOKS ARE NOW ON SALE!!! Please place your order online through Jostens at The current cost of the yearbook is $91.91 (with tax).  This cost will increase after 12/31/2019.
    BONUS! From now until October 25th, you will receive up to four free icons when you purchase the yearbook and one line of name personalization. Take advantage of the early purchase promotion and order today!
    Pawling High School

High School Events

  • 3rd Grade Concert,PHS 7pm

    Pawling Central School District
  • 4th Grade Concert, PHS 7pm

    Pawling Central School District
  • 2nd Five Wk Progress Reports

    Pawling Central School District
  • 5/6 Grade Band & Chorus PHS‐ 6:30 pm

    Pawling Central School District
  • 7/8 Grade Band & Chorus PHS ‐ 6:30pm

    Pawling Central School District
  • Concert Snow Day

    Pawling Central School District
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Criteria for Honor Societies

The Pawling High School has five Honor Societies.  Please click on the name below to see a description and the criteria.

  • Spanish Honor Society - Advisor Ms. Buonora
  • French Honor Society - Advisor Mrs. Spinelli
  • National Honor Society - Advisor Mrs. Lisa Horn
  • Math Honor Society - Advisor Mr. Agostinelli
  • Science Honor Society - Advisor Mr. Titus

Details on the criteria:

Counseling, College, & Career Center

To request a transcript once you've graduated PHS, you must fill out our  official transcript request 3.pdf  and submit to our office along with a copy of your photo identification. We cannot release transcripts without written permission from the alumni and only the alumni due to FERPA.