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of Pawling High School 

2018-19 Information

Schedules will be available for viewing on the portal beginning Monday, August 19, 2018. If you would like to try to make a schedule change, please email your counselor. If you want to change a course, complete and return a Course Change form signed by a parent. For major scheduling issues, appointment times are available during the week of August 27th to meet with your counselor. The last day for schedule changes for the first quarter will be September 14th.


Freshmen orientation will be from 9:30-10:30 AM on August 30, 2018. Freshmen will get the chance to walk through their schedules and try out their lockers while completing a scavenger hunt through the building.


How to contact us:

Pamela Hildenbrand                             Lisa Casale-Seaman                                       Debbie Gallagher

NYS Certified School Counselor       NYS Certified School Counselor                Guidance Aide                    

 Class of 2019 M-Z                                           Class of 2019 A-L

 Class of 2020 I-Z                                              Class of 2020 A-H

 Class of 2021 N-Z                                            Class of 2021 A-M

 Class of 2022 L-Z                                             Class of 2022 A-K

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